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You can’t turn on the news these days without hearing about the economic downturn in various countries. America being the hardest hit with unemployment figures quoted today at 10 million.

There are many debates about what has got us into the current situation. Some blame big business, some blame the credit system, but whichever way we want to look at it, I think it is a certainty that one of the outcomes is going to be a re-evaluation of our values.

For so long our highly Commercial societies have put an emphasis on being able to have everything material we want – if you don’t have the money, you can get the money by way of debt. The focus in our public media is on getting more, getting the newest. And many have bought into that. How many people  feel less ‘worthy’ if they are not seen to be sporting the latest trend, or have the latest model of something, or the latest gadget? All for how others will perceive us.

Economic hardship is no fun for anyone. Nor would I wish it on anyone. It causes stress, physically, emotionally and mentally. But I feel that it will ultimately push people to consider what is really valuable in their lives – basic needs of food, shelter, love, friendship, companionship. We can live without the latest gadget, or in a smaller house, but we can’t live without those 5 things I listed. And maybe, in a society where the balance has tipped to far towards material acquisition, it can only take a stripping away of that in the extreme to make people realize that.

I wish it didn’t take that.


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I was listening to a talk by a Buddhist monk, and he said something interesting. He said one can be spiritual without being religious, and religious without being spiritual. I think I have always believed that, but hadn’t given it much thought till that talk. It’s an interesting point.

For some people the two terms may be synonymous. I think they are definately different. One can find spirituality  through religion I think, but religion itself is an organized belief system to which one can belong and  follow it’s ‘rules’, ‘perform’ the actions required without being spiritual at all. I’m sure we’ve all come across examples of that.

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